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Emma Sharkey-Frageau

By September 5, 2019Faculty Spotlight

The Knox School is happy to showcase the outstanding contributions of Emma Sharkey-Frageau who continues her extremely valuable role as a member of the Knox team for her 11th year. Currently, Emma serves as the Coordinator of BOOST in addition to teaching in the program. Emma is a hard-working and dedicated person who is committed to the success of her students. She finds that the most fulfilling part of her job is helping students reach their full potential, and states that “it gives me great pride to see a student’s confidence grow when he or she realizes that they are capable of reaching their academic goals.” When asked what makes her most proud, Emma says that “the most rewarding thing to see is when a student feels that they will never make the honor-roll, and then they actually achieve the grades to achieve this great goal. It gives me great pride to see my hard-working students receive their honor roll certificates in front of the whole class at the awards ceremonies.”

In addition to exercising, one of Emma’s favorite pastimes is reading; she cannot get enough of it. She incorporates her passion for reading within the classroom by encouraging her students to read more often than they are required to in class, so that they can learn while developing a love for the written word. She also encourages her students to stay active and work out regularly, as both reading and exercise can help to relieve stress and maintain good health. These qualities foster an holistic environment that helps her BOOST students achieve academic readiness and reach their true potentials.

A mother of two, Emma met her husband Matt Frageau while living and working on The Knox School campus. One of her most valued feelings about working at Knox is the friendships that she has made over the years. She feels that she has built lasting friendships with the faculty and students, and remains in contact with many of the passing people who have made an impact on the Knox community. “It is great to remain in contact with students that you have taught, and see the success that they reach within the real-world,” says Emma when reflecting on all of the graduates that she has worked with during her tenure at The Knox School.

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