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Boarding Student Travel Information

By August 10, 2020August 13th, 2020Uncategorized
  • For communication in the USA
  • How will you travel from the airport to The Knox School's campus?
    Dorm supplies must be ordered and shipped to The Knox School for arrival. If you have not already ordered supplies, see the note about dorm supplies below.

Important Note about Dorm Supplies:

Students must have bedding and shower necessities upon arrival to campus.

We strongly suggest students order all essential dorm items ahead of time and have them shipped directly to the school. View the complete list of essential dorm items here.
  1. Our list of essential dorm items includes items for organization, laundry, and school supplies. They are suggested, but not required to order.
  2. A student can bring their own to fit their preference.
All items should be shipped to the school, with the student’s name on the order:
541 Long Beach Road
Saint James, New York, 11780
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