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Academic & Character Awards

By June 16, 2021Homepage News

Family and friends gathered together in Bancroft Phinney Hall for a socially distanced Academic and Character Awards Ceremony on Friday, June 11, 2021.  It was a great pleasure to honor the highest academically achieving students and those who embody the Knox Core Values with permanent awards that will be proudly showcased on campus for years to come.

Congratulations to the 2020/2021 award recipients!

Gina Vivolo
NYS Attorney General “Triple C” Award

Trevor Hubbard & Alexander Harris
NYS Comptroller’s Achievement Award

NYS Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Luke Daddino
English Cup

Leah Anderson
The Scribblers Award

Simon Ju
The John Ruggiero Prize

Simon Ju
The David Stephens Science Award

Vasia Tassiopoulos
The George K. Allison American History Award

Diego Coticelli
Spanish Award

Christina Giaquinto
French Award

Declan Morrell-Smith
Chinese Award

Damjan Stanisic
English as a New Language Award

Christian Wiggins
Edith Rosalie Lansburg Cup

Isabella Pearlman
The Joel K. Eriksen Award

Demetria Lutz
The Photography Prize

Victoria Bove
Choral Music Award

Mia Sun
Theatre Award

Christian Wiggins
The Knox School Parents Association Service Award

Joseph Coco-Bassey
Nancy Morehouse Stevens Cup

Gina Vivolo
Division Tray

Leah Anderson
TheKyrie Gannet McAdams Character Award

Joseph Vollaro
Poise Cup

Celia Sanchez-Gomez
Courtesy Cup

Leah Anderson
Loyalty Cup

Katrina Pugni
The Kaeli Sara Kramer Kindness Cup

Simon Ju
Maria Elena Arosemena Cup

Tariq Akanmu
Perseverance in General

Luke Daddino
Romana Mastrolilli Cup

Alex You
The Benjamin Bowl

Dennis Coticelli
Teeter Tiers Bowl

AmiMarie Hughes
The Delight Millham Cup

Mia Sun (99.8 GPA)
The Bancroft Phinney Award

Grade 11 (with 89.31 Average GPA)
Maria & Anthony Hermann Award

Red Team (with 87.78 Average GPA)
Red & White Scholastic Bowl

Ryan Grigoletto
Ned Smith Memorial Scholarship

Student Council Appointments
for the 2021/2022 School Year:

Leah Anderson
Student Council President

Joseph Coco Bassey
Student Council Vice President

Kerron Stephens
Student Council Secretary

Kellyne Stephens
Senior Class President

Isabella Halpin
Senior Class Vice President

Declan Morrell Smith
Junior Class President

Joseph Vollaro
Sophomore Class President

Hannah Simkus
Freshman Class President

Indigo Dalton
Middle School President

Mercy Otusanya
KAA Representative

Victoria Senft
White Team Captain

Mia Aquino
Red Team Captain

Katrina Pugni
Equestrian Representative

Aaron Bogart
Literary Representative

Vasia Tassiopoulos
Academic Representative

Sasha Pace
Performing Arts Representative

Demetria Lutz
Visual Arts Representative

Walker Harris
Diversity & Inclusion Representative