Dress Code

Physical appearance plays a vital part in students’ everyday lives at Knox and beyond. All students should be well-groomed during the academic day. Students and parents alike must remember that all clothing should be in the image of neatness, modesty and good taste. All clothes should be in good repair, neat and clean, and properly fitted. Specifically, skirt/kilt lengths are to be no more than three inches above the knee, pants are to be worn at waist level with a belt. Hats, hooded sweatshirts and “skinny” pants are not permitted during the school day. If a faculty member judges a student’s attire as inappropriate, the student may be required to change into appropriate Knox attire.

Uniform Requirements

The Knox School prides itself on the tradition of school uniforms. Everything you need to look your best at Knox on a daily basis can be purchased through FlynnO’Hara and the BSN Sports Teams Website.
**It is important to obtain precise measurements for blazers and skirts/kilts.


Knox short-sleeved polo from the beginning of School until October 15 and April 15 until the end of exams (also available in Falcon’s Nest). Formal uniform is required on Assembly Days (Wednesday) from the beginning of school.

  • Pastel-colored Oxford dress shirt with Knox School tie (tie available at The Knox School only).
  • Pastel-colored Oxford blouse
  • Knit turtleneck and sweater (options for cold weather)
  • Shirts must be tucked in to pants and skirts
  • 2 Navy blazers (grades 6-11)
  • 2 Men’s red blazers and/or 2 women’s cream blazers (Seniors only)
  • Any non-uniform item worn because of inclement weather must be removed when entering any campus building during the academic day.


  • Khaki or Gray Twill Pants (NOTE: Flat front pants may be purchased through Land’s End). BLACK PANTS FOR SENIORS ONLY!
  • Black socks
  • Black belt
  • Blackwatch Plaid Kilt
  • Opaque black knee socks or black tights
  • Black shoes (no open toes or open backs; no sneakers or sneaker-styled shoes)
  • Winter footwear: black dress boots/ankle boots (black rain and snow boots may be worn during inclement weather)
  • Khaki shorts (Beginning of School until October 15 and April 15 until the end of exams; must be knee-length; may be worn without socks and dark-colored “boat shoes,”similar to Sperry’s brand)


Student is registered in a P.E. and competitive sports are required to wear Knox P.E. gear.

Learn more about Knox Athletic Gear here.


Formal Attire is worn on special occasions such as family-style dinner and other formal meals, and trips to the theater, opera or musicals. Other occasions are specified throughout the year:

  • Suit or sports coat, dress slacks, shirt, tie and appropriate shoes and socks.
  • A dress or skirt with a blouse, or dress pant/suit and appropriate shoes
  • Knox School uniform with blazer must be worn every day after October 15.
  • Knox tie worn with dress shirt can be purchased in the main office.


Commencement Attire for Seniors

  • Males: Red school blazer, white collared button-down shirt, senior class tie, and white pants with belt, dark dress shoes and dark socks.
  • Females: Appropriate white dress (calf to ankle length), white shoes and long white gloves.

Commencement Attire for Non-Graduating students

  • Males: Navy school blazer, white or pastel collared button-down shirt, school tie, uniform pants with belt, dark dress shoes and dark socks.
  • Females: Solid pastel (light shades of color) dress, and white dress shoes.

Moving-Up Ceremony Attire for Eighth Grade Students

  • Males: Blue school blazer, white collared button-down shirt, Knox School tie, white pants with belt, dark dress shoes and dark socks.
  • Females: Solid white knee/calf-length dress, and white dress shoes.

Uniform Suppliers

School Code: NY061