Does my child have to attend the same days each week?

No. We offer flexible scheduling! This means that if you want to do 2 day in one week, 3 days in the next week or 5 days in the following week, you may do this. The days must be chosen at the point of registration, and any changes made after the first day of camp will incur a change fee of $30.

Are the groups co-ed?

Only Tadpoles (children entering Kindergarten) and the Travel Groups are co-ed. Exceptions to same-gender grouping may be made for swimming (twice a day), and activities that involve the entire camp.

Do the campers get to choose their activities?

No – campers follow a rotating schedule of pre-planned activities. Since there are more activities than there are periods in a day, certain activities may not occur daily. If campers are not scheduled for Chess one day, chances are it will be on their schedule within the next 2 days. Plus, we have many NEW and EXCITING activities each year!!

My son/daughter is not very athletic; will he/she be forced to do something that he/she doesn’t want to do?

We have a wonderful staff of counselors, teachers and a Camp Directors who encourages your child to try new things, however, we our staff in mindful to ensure that your child will not be encouraged to the point where they feel uncomfortable participating in an activity.

My child burns easily; will sunscreen be applied?

Campers spend time outside, so we are diligent about sunscreen. We ask that you send your child to camp with sunscreen already applied, and we will reapply throughout the day. You can send in your own or use the sunscreen we supply at camp.

Will campers have access to water throughout the day?

YES! We have water coolers set up around the grounds and campers (and counselors) are encouraged to refill their water bottles constantly. This is why we encourage all campers to bring a refillable water bottle to camp each day.

Can my child be placed in a group with his/her friend(s)?

We allow one buddy-request per camper. The request must be reciprocated and the children must be attending camp on the same days. We do not guarantee buddy-requests, but we do everything we can to accommodate your requests. Keep in mind that we also encourage the children to make new friends and sometimes that can be hindered if they are in a group of “old friends.”

Do all campers get to ride the horses?

No. We have a separate riding program. The riding program is limited and fills up very quickly. Those campers are in the stables all day and do not participate in the regular camp activities. They do swim at the end of the day in our pool.

Is lunch included?

Yes, lunch is included. Campers also receive a snack during the day and an ice-pop at the end of the day. Note- we are a nut-free campus.

My child is a picky eater; will there be something for him to eat?

We have a great catering company that provides us with a healthy hot selection each day in addition to basic sandwiches, fruit, cereal, bagels, etc. We haven’t had a problem satisfying even the pickiest of eaters.

Can I send in food with my child?

Due to many campers having potentially dangerous food allergies, our catering service prepares food that is safe for all campers to eat. Therefore, we do not allow outside lunches on our campus in our efforts not to compromise the safety of campers. WE ARE A COMPLETELY NUT FREE CAMPUS!

My child has bad allergies and needs an Epi-pen.

We have a RN on staff that keeps all prescription medicines in her office. She will require a written prescription from the doctor and we will set up a time for you to drop off an epi-pen, or any other medications that need to be administered throughout the day, before camp starts.

My child has a serious fear of... (bees, dogs, birds, thunder, loud noises, spiders, water, etc.), I want to make sure his/her counselor is aware of this.

Our ‘Parent/Child Questionnaire” which must be filled out before camp starts, gives you the opportunity to tell us all about your child and his/her personality. Each counselor gets a list of health considerations for their campers so they are aware of any personal issues that may be relevant. PLEASE BE DILIGENT ABOUT GETTING ALL FORMS BACK TO US IN A TIMELY MANNER! You can download all necessary forms off our website.

Can my neighbor pick up my child at the end of the day if I can’t make it?

We have a system in place for dismissal placing your child’s safety first. It will allow only those that have your camp ID card/car sticker to pick up your child. Additionally, you must send in a note to your child’s counselor that has your signature on it and indicates a change in pick-up plans.

What about when it is really hot, or raining?

We pay close attention to the local weather reports. In the case of extreme heat (heat advisory), we modify the activities to keep the children cooler and less physically active, and place sprinklers on the fields. In the case of rain, we implement our rainy-day schedule, which will bring the campers inside. The pool is strictly prohibited during inclement weather.

Why do you charge a change fee if I need to switch days?

Because all groups, programs, staff and schedules are established in advance in accordance with the Suffolk County Board of Health, even the smallest of changes can be detrimental to the safe operation of the camp day. Additionally, there are administrative costs involved in making changes.