CIT Program

Knox School Summer Adventures Counselor in Training (CIT) program is for 10th graders who are interested in ultimately becoming camp counselors. The program is designed to teach leadership skills in a hands-on environment, and incorporates training in sensitivity, responsibility, communication and teamwork, all of which are important life-skills as well as key skills to being an effective counselor.

To complete this program, each CIT must fulfill the following:

  • Six weeks of CIT training to receive certificate.
  • Daily one-hour seminars on leadership and behavior management.
  • Daily responsibility assisting in camp groups to help gain experience in managing campers and situations that may occur.

Each week, CIT’s will receive an evaluation from their mentor-counsel

ors in the group to which they were assigned, along with an evaluation from the CIT Director. The evaluations are designed to help guide the CIT through the development and growth within our camp environment. Upon successful completion of the program, each CIT will receive a certificate.

After completing the six week CIT training. He/she may attend the final three weeks of camp at no cost. (Transportation is not included).

Based on a CIT’s evaluations and recommendations from the CIT Director, he/she may be invited to complete an employment application for the following summer.