Our Faculty & Staff

“Being surrounded and supported by such an amazing administrative team and staff has allowed me to grow into the leader I am today. The Knox School Team embraces challenges, chooses truth, and creates solutions, and I am honored every day to lead and learn alongside the people who bring joy into my workspace every day.” 

Caitlyn Adams-Davis

Director of Admissions

Caitlyn Adams-Davis

Director of Admissions

Randy Hojo


Cleans Stuff

Carlos Martinez Andaluz

Chair of ENL and World Languages
French and Spanish Teacher
Dorm Parent

Sharon Baker

Physical Education Teacher
Basketball Coach

Karyn Cernera-Bush

Director of Marketing & Communications
Chair of Visual & Performing Arts

Frank Chisena

Science Department Chair, Physics Teacher

Christine Cleary

Executive Administrative Assistant to the Head of School

Patricia Colombraro

Photography & Media Arts Teacher
Solarium Art Gallery Curator

Melissa Coyle

Choir & Music History Teacher

Dylan DeLayer

Facilities Staff

Loriana (Demi) Demirciyan

Crew Coach
Dorm Parent

Troy Doliner

Mathematics, Philosophy & History Teacher

Liam Doughty

Director of Athletics and Student Life
Head Crew Coach

Andreika Eikerenkoetter-Horne

Visual Arts Teacher
Image of ENL Teacher Dana Fernandez

Dana Fernandez

Middle School Coordinator
Middle School & ENL Teacher

Nicholas Fletcher

Dorm Parent

Matthew Frageau

Science Teacher
Dorm Parent

Al Giuliano

Director of Technology

Frank Griffin

Lead Facilities Staff

Jose Gonzalez

Science Teacher

Gevaughn Henry

Content Developer
Yearbook Advisor

Stephanie Kilgannon

School Counselor

Nicole Lagis

Assistant Director of Equine Sciences

Susan Layton

ENL Teacher

Kelly Mandia

History Department Chair
History & Economics Teacher

Angelo Mauro

STEM Coordinator, STEM & Mathematics Teacher
Dorm Parent

Debbie Mazzant

Mathematics Department Chair Mathematics Teacher

Patrick McCormick

History Teacher
Basketball Coach

Barbara Missirlian

Director of Student Care and Compliance

Luz Morales

Bus Driver

James North

Director of Equine Science

Elvin Nunez

Facilities Staff

Joseph Osheroff

Theatre Teacher
Dorm Parent

Miguel Perez

Barn Manager

Donna Pergola

Dean of Academics
English Department Chair & Teacher

Gail Roach

Mathematics Teacher

Aimee Roderick

Director of Health & Wellness, Registered Nurse

Emma Sharkey Frageau

BOOST Coordinator & Teacher
Dorm Parent

Cindy Simkus

Administrative Assistant to Admissions

Arieanto Sutrisno

Philosophy and Religion Teacher, Associate Head Crew Coach
Dorm Parent
(Currently on Military Leave)

Christian Vazquez

P.E. Teacher, Soccer Coach
Dorm Parent

Rich Vlacci

P.E. Teacher
Basketball Coach

Zhiyin (Cecilia) Wang

Chinese Teacher
Marketing & Admissions Associate

Photos are courtesy of Patricia Colombrao