Students present scenes, songs, and dances in the Annual Spring Performing Arts Concert Extravaganza (SPACE). This year’s illustration was designed by Visual Arts & Literature Representative Gia Zhao ’17, who also performed in two student-written scenes and produced the annual Farewell Film.

Student performers and technicians who collaborated to present SPACE:

Rachel Jia, Daniel Leach, Amy Adams, Hannah Bogart, Tori Bove, Abby Bruning, Johnson Cai, Philip Cai, Nikolaos Cazacu, Mary Chen, Michael Curth, Bella Ding, Linh Duong, Connor Free, Yinglun Gao, Derek Giuliano, Kishan Guptar, Star Jin, Annie Kong, Nicholas Lazo, Hyejin Lee, Madison Licalzi, James Lin, Kyo Lu, Sophie Lu, Mateja Markovic, Wassef Methnani, Adam Perry, Kyle Persaud, Stellar Son, Nick Sun, Henry Thomas, Gavin Tian, Ruoshi Wang, Tony Wang, Happy Wu, Wanni Yang, Helen Young, Luke Zhang, Gia Zhao, and Selena Zhao.

Members of Knox’s Dance Club perform their interpretation of “I Swear” by SISTAR.