We’re Officially Open!

To help our current and new students continue to achieve the academic goals that only an American independent school education can provide, The Knox School has made adjustments to our 2020/2021 school year plan and is prepared to deliver a high-quality, rigorous educational
program without delay or disruption.

The Knox School takes the health and wellbeing of its boarding and day students and faculty seriously and is prepared to take the necessary steps to reopen our on-campus learning and boarding environment in the safest way possible to protect its community from COVID-19.

Reopening At a Glance

Daily Health Screenings

Students and faculty will be required to adhere to strict social distancing guidelines in each building on campus. Additionally, the following procedures will be implemented daily:

  • Day families must complete and submit a health screening daily via our Magnus App for each child before he/she arrives on campus
  • Boarding students are also required to complete their daily health screening using our Magnus Health App
  • Medical staff will be present each morning to confirm health screening submissions through Magnus Health and record students’ temperatures so they may gain entrance to the required campus buildings
    • Students will not be allowed on campus/in class without the screening form and fever/COVID-19 symptom evaluations

Vulnerable Populations
The School will work to provide flexible learning and work options for students and staff who are at increased risk for severe COVID-19 illness. These accommodations may include, but are not limited to: remote learning or telework, modified educational or work settings, or the provision of additional PPE to individuals with underlying health conditions.

Face Covering & Hygiene

  • All students on campus must wear a mask inside all buildings and public spaces at all times
  • Any person working on campus must wear a mask inside all buildings and public spaces at all times

Healthy Hygiene Practices

  • Faculty and students must wear a mask at all times inside all buildings and public spaces
  • Faculty must ensure that desks and chairs are cleaned with sanitizing wipes (provided in every room) between classes
  • Students and faculty must use hand sanitizer before entering and upon exiting all classrooms, dining areas, restrooms, and public spaces.
  • Bathrooms and common spaces will be sanitized hourly throughout the school day
  • Buildings and classrooms will be sanitized regularly throughout the day
  •  A maintenance log will be kept to record onsite cleaning of each building
  •  There will be no shared supplies
    • Students will be required to obtain and use personal supplies not limited to pencils, pens and notebooks; see our website for specific supply lists by course (i.e. art supplies), which will also be communicated via PlusPortals frequently throughout the summer by Department

Class Schedule

New York schools are permitted to open for in-person learning following strict social distancing procedures for the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. For the 2020-2021 School Year, The Knox School will run the following hybrid model classroom schedule for our students:

Day Students will attend classes on A days for one week and then E days for the following week on a rotating basis. During the time they are not on campus for in-person classes, they must log in to their live classes from home.

Domestic Boarding Students will attend classes on E days for one week and then A days for the following week on a rotating basis. During the time they are not in our Knox classrooms or on campus, they must log in to their live classes from their dorm rooms or from home.

International Boarding Students will attend classes on E days for one week and then A days for the following week on a rotating basis. International students are encouraged to join their remote classes in real-time.

Social & Emotional Wellness

The Knox School has a full-time Licensed Clinical Social Worker who will continue to provide support and services to ALL students to enhance their social-emotional well-being. This support will be implemented in the following ways:

  • Provide brief counseling services, either face to face or virtually to help students navigate any challenges they may be facing during the school year
  • Link students when needed to community resources for additional mental health services
  • Implement the Knox Advisory Program which is designed to support all middle and high school students both academically and socially. Each student will be assigned to a faculty advisor who serves as a guide and mentor to the students throughout the school
    year. Advisory will meet on a weekly basis where students will receive academic advising and have discussions on a variety of topics

    •  Small group Advisory meetings will follow social distancing guidelines
    •  If social distancing cannot be adhered to, Advisory can be conducted via Zoom
  • Provide weekly Student Well-Being surveys during advisory to ensure that students feel safe and cared for and follow-up with any student concerns
  • Work closely with teachers and administrators to help remove any obstacles students may face during the year which may be preventing them from being successful
  • Support parents regarding any concerns they may have that are affecting their child’s well-being
  •  Co-facilitate Men and Women monthly support groups where students are provided the opportunity to share experiences, build trusting relationships and provide encouragement to each other

Clubs & Extracurricular Activities

Clubs and Extracurricular activities that will be held on campus will follow the same social distancing procedures as in traditional classes, not limited to:

  • Wearing masks at all times
  •  Sanitizing hands upon entry to a classroom
  • Disinfecting work stations before and after all meetings

Additional Considerations

  • All-School Meetings – will be conducted virtually via Zoom
  • Class Meetings- Due to the large volume of students that are required to attend class meetings, they will be conducted virtually, via Zoom
  • Clubs – Small cohorts of students will meet weekly to perform club activities
    •  Student fundraising activities will require creative planning to maintain social distancing
    • Bake sales and sale of goods/food items is prohibited
  • Student Council – meetings will be held in larger campus spaces including the Library, Chapel or outside, weather permitting
  • School field trips are temporarily halted and will be assessed for safety standards as the school year progresses

School Activities and Weekend Trips
It is the School’s plan to hold weekend outings for our Boarding students. Trips will be carefully planned where students will be able to follow proper social distancing guidelines and still enjoy the many cultural and social experiences that only an independent school education can provide.

Our Safety Procedures:

The Knox School’s Student Council members have prepared a short video that explains the new safety procedures designed to keep our community safe from COVID-19. We hope you enjoy.

Official Reopening Plan

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